Thursday, July 21, 2011

Local daily newspaper announces logo design contest winner, To replace entire Editorial Board

Legless Seagull to be replaced by a Wind Turbine

cctimesturbinet our local Rupert Murdoch-owned daily newspaper, the Editors have decided to revamp their infamous Editorial Board to exclude any staff members who have not worked in another newspaper's newsroom for at least a two decades.

Since 2000 the editorial board had written nothing except anti-wind farm editorials, 1,275 to date. According to an estimate by Editorial Page Editor William Mills that is an "editorial stuck-record" after this strange obsession was finally been noticed by one of the daily's remaining 28 subscribers who is at an East Osterville nursing home.

The ten-year time delay was due, a newspaper official said, to the fact that apparently no one within living memory at the newspaper or elsewhere had actually ever read a Times' editorial.

Cape Cod Times redesigns new logo as well and Bill Koch is the winner

Publisher Peter Meyer also announced the winner of their contest to redesign the daily's logo to replace the legless seagull with an offshore wind turbine. See the new logo above.

The design prize was won by Bill Koch of Osterville (on right) who will be honored by having one of the Cape Wind turbines named in his honor later this summer when the Nantucket Sound wind farm is completed ahead of schedule as reported yesterday here.

Read the Times story here.

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